Friday, June 16, 2006

It's in stock! Free offer! Be quick!

Photo? Me with a migraine.

I am not a hypochrondriac. I am not a hypochrondriac. I am not a hypochrondriac. I am not a hypochrondriac.

But I've had a migraine for six days (three days on each side of the brain), and I'm getting a little tired of it--especially because I have a huge rush project to work on.

I ran out of my magic miracle pills, too, and the insurance company only wants to pay for nine pills every 16 days. Fortunately, one of the druggists at my pharmacy used to be one of our middle schoolers . . . and she has a kind heart. She and her kindness enabled me to get out of bed this morning, so it's 11:26 and I'm at my desk.

Hey, good news! Got this email today:

Greetings from!

"The fruit of the Spirit is...patience"--Galatians 5:22

During a recent visit to our site, you expressed an interest in a new or backordered item, and asked us to drop you a note when it arrived in our warehouse.

They say that good things come to those who wait. The good news is that the thing you've been waiting for is now waiting for you at:

What's the "thing" I was waiting for? UNCHARTED! It's in stock, and I've also heard that it's showing up in bookstores. I'm so excited that I'll send a free copy to the FIRST person to leave their address in my comment section today. :-)



Angela said...

You got it, Matt! A copy is on its way to you!


lisa said...


Anonymous said...

Well, if we hadn't needed groceries, I'd have been here bright and early...


lisa said...

He's just saying that to be nice because he got the book.

pouty face lisa

Ruth said...

I have to echo Lisa's "drat." ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh stink, I missed it!

Just finished reading Unspoken, and started magdalene today!
Thanks for all the good books Angela!

Anonymous said...

Double drat! I need to check my email sooner. Oh well, I have Uncharted on order at my bookstore, so I'll get it soon.
Enjoyed the fiction clinic in CO.