Saturday, June 10, 2006


Just got a package from the UPS man (God bless 'im.) The package, from WestBow, contained two new books--the new softcover THE NOVELIST and yep, you guess it, UNCHARTED. It's beautiful, if a proud mama is allowed to say that.

So--no matter what you read, the book does exist and is rattling its way across the nation in UPS vehicles. So start looking for it . . . and (drum roll) expect the unexpected!



Anonymous said...

I'm taking The Novelist along next week when I go on vacation to visit my sister. Can't wait to start it!

Anonymous said...

i'm looking forward to reading uncharted. I'm no. 1 on the waiting list at the library for it. can't wait !!

Bill Williams said...

Angela, I clicked through from another blog to your site. I looks great. I've bookmarked it and hope to spend more time here in the near future. God bless, -bill

Angela said...

Thanks, Susan and Carrie and Deborah and Bill!


C.J. Darlington said...

I had the chance to review the Novelist for Infuze magazine, and I found it very well-written. Excellent that it's made it to paperback. Uncharted also sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...


I've ordered Uncharted through my local bookstore for July release date. I keep thinking that it will come in sooner... agh!