Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Sort-of Grandbaby

One of the benefits to being in ministry in one place for a while is that you get to see your "children" grow up. This adorable and utterly fearless angel boy is Noah, six months, with his mother and Charlie Gansky. Noah's mother, Gaynel, was in our middle school department when hubby and I first came to our present church--nineteen years ago! Noah's father also came through our department as a middle schooler and is now my hubby's youth-pastor-assistant. (Aside: Gaynel is the intrepid gal who spent a week with me in the Amazon rain forest.)

So, in a way, Noah is my grandchild in the ministry. In any case, he's fun to play with, snap pictures of, and send back to his mom. Isn't that what grandparenting is all about?


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