Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Mother's Love ?

My cousin, also an animal-lover, sent me the following pictures and story: it seems that in a California zoo, a mother tiger gave birth to triplets, but the babies were premature and they died. So the zoo called other zoos and found some orphaned piglets, who were given to the tiger to raise. Look at the adorable photos and the story seems logical, right?

Ah, but the wary internet user learns to check before believing anything. And if you check here,, you'll discover that the tiger/piglet story isn't actually true.

What a shame. It makes a great urban legend.



Ruth said...

Thanks for posting this link. I'd received these pictures in the mail a few weeks ago and tried to check them out on snopes, but for some reason the keywords I was using I guess weren't triggering the right response (so I didn't find the page you linked to).

Unknown said...

How strange! I wonder how this will go as the "cubs" get bigger and the mother wants them to learn how to pounce, etc. Hah. Those pictures are so cute. I like their get ups!

Unknown said...

Snopes can be such a wet blanket sometimes. Sometimes it's more fun to believe the legend. Cute pics.