Monday, July 19, 2010

Day Five of the Great Ten-Day Train Trip

Photos: the train. The Cafe Car. The Williamsburg Depot.

Today was one LONG day on the train. Ginger and I caught the train at Williamsburg (which has a darling depot, BTW--it reminds me of Disney World) and arrived in Richmond about ninety minutes later. There we had to get off our train and get on one going south. We got on the second train at about noon, and arrived in North Charleston just after seven p.m.

It was a nice ride, and it rained, so if we had to have rain on this trip, it was nice to have it on a day when we were train-bound. Our train, unfortunately, didn't have a dining car but a "cafe car," which sells cellophane-wrapped food that's warmed in a microwave as you order it. I had a veggie burger for lunch and a hot dog for dinner--not exactly fine dining, but it works. :-)

And all around me, I watched and listened to my fellow passengers . . . lots of fodder for the BIP (book in progress). I also lost my ticket! Actually, the conductor took our tickets before we even boarded the train, so I didn't think I needed to hang onto the "stub." But hours later, when a new conductor came down the aisle wanting to see our tickets, I had nothing to show him except a copy of my reservation. He scolded me lightly--with a smile--but what could either of us do? I didn't have my ticket, and he couldn't throw me off the train. But--I learned my lesson. Hang onto your stub. :-)

On the train, I read Nancy Rue's latest manuscript, THE RELUCTANT PROPHET. It's a great story--all about Harleys and Harlots--(I'm saying that tongue in cheek), but I was crying at the end, and it's a little embarrassing to be crying on a train. Truly, a wonderful book that you simply have to read when it comes out.

Anyway, I digress. We didn't get to our hotel until after seven, so we ordered a pizza and settled in for the night. Tomorrow we have a Starbucks stop in North Charleston, and we hope to get downtown to check out some of the historical sites tomorrow.

So--we're still doing well and having fun! We'll check in again tomorrow!


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Mocha with Linda said...

Love the picture of the depot! So quaint!

I rode a train twice when I was in junior high. I really wanted to take my kids on one when my son was little, but 8 hours on a train with a baby or toddler and a preschooler just didn't appeal!

I am green that you've already gotten to read Nancy Rue's book.