Saturday, July 03, 2010

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency on DVD

My book club read "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" several years ago, and we liked the book, the first in a series. Last night I watched the first DVD of the HBO series based on these books, and I LOVED it. The acting is wonderful, the setting amazing, and the humor gentle. The series stars Jill Scott, who I recognized from the Tyler Perry film, "Why Did I Get Married?", and she's simply wonderful. The girl who plays her secretary (who graduated at the 97 percentile of her secretarial college) is a delight.

HBO series are not all family-friendly, but so far this one is. Really well-done, and I hope you enjoy it, too! It's available on Netflix.

Enjoy this little video preview!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, Angie. We don't typically check out HBO, but this looks well worth it. Which did you like better--the book or the shows?

Happy 4th holiday,
Mary Kay

Lynda in MO said...

Angie, I've read all the books in this series and i own the first season set on DVD. The shows are wonderful! They are so well-acted and as you said, the setting is beautiful. Also, on the DVD set there are lots of extras including an interview with the author about the story in each of the seven episodes. All are family friendly and well worth the money.

The books are excellent too. I have them all on my ipod from Audible - the narrator is one of the best I've ever heard - her accents are dead-on. Very enjoyable.

Beverly Nault said...

We watched all of them when they were on. Let's all support this kind of quality show and maybe they'll continue to look for more in different genres.

Nat from TX said...

I love this show, and wondered if anybody else watched it, and now I'm anxious to read the books. Thanks for sharing.