Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Two of the Great Ten Day Train Trip

Photos: The Jefferson Memorial, Grand Union Station, The Canadian Embassy

Wow. It is HOT here in DC.

Okay, the big news--DC experienced an EARTHQUAKE at 5 a.m. this morning. Unfortunately, we slept through it. I would like to experience an earthquake--a wee one--to add it to my repertoire of life experiences, but apparently we missed out.

We got up and went out early, and quickly decided that the best way to see a city is from the top of a double decker bus. So we bought tickets, and were delighted to learn that you can hop off and on these buses at your will. So we drove and rode and hopped and took tons of photos of granite buildings. We ate lunch at Grand Union Station, where we'll catch the train tomorrow morning. It's an amazing place, and absolutely beautiful.

By mid-morning, we were feeling like baked potatoes. I'm even a little sunburned on my cheeks and knees, even though I slathered on the sunblock and bought a hat. :-)

While we were at our Starbucks stop, one of the bar masters walked through the shop saying, "Angela Hunt?" When I spoke up, he said that someone had called and told him to give me a gift card. Turns out that Helena, one of my dear Canadian friends, was thinking of us, and we'll be enjoying lattes and cold drinks through her generosity for the rest of our trip. Thank you, Helena! :-)

So . . . in her honor, and in honor of all of my Canadian friends, I have included a photo of the lovely (and huge!) Canadian embassy. :-)

Tomorrow: our first train ride to Williamsburg! I'll write more tomorrow!



Deborah said...

i so wanted to meet you today! but unfortunately i had to work in Fairfax and couldn't get out to DC today, which is sad because i'm DC every other day. oh well next time! btw don't worry i slept through the earthquake as well!

Anonymous said...

No, Angie, you really don't want to experience an earthquake...even a "wee one." They are not fun and are really scary. I can think of many better things to do to add to my life experiences list! Unfortunately, earthquakes (a lot of them) are already on my list. Wish they weren't.

Do your best to stay's blazing hot everywhere!

Mocha with Linda said...

What a fun day. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventure!