Monday, July 05, 2010

Oh, what big eyes you have . . . er, bought

I read an article in yesterday's New York Times about a trend among middle school girls . . . and teens in general, though I wouldn't be surprised if it spread to adult women. Japanese animae characters apparently started the fad, and I think the TWILIGHT movies are going to fan the flames. What is it?

"Big eye" contacts. The color extends far beyond the normal iris and extends into the "white" of the eye, making the eyes appear much larger. They come in lots of colors (including blood red) and in various prescription strengths, plus they are easily--and cheaply--available online (about $20 for a set). But I'm not including any order links, because I don't want to promote anything that might be harmful. You need eyes to read books!

Eye doctors are warning people that these contacts aren't tested, could be harmful, and humans are only given one pair of eyes . . .

Why are big eyes beautiful? Because they look youthful, quite literally like a baby's (whose eyes are proportionally bigger than they will be in adulthood). They give a baby that helpless look that literally makes people want to protect and love them.

I have a girlfriend who has naturally big eyes--I've always said that she has "Disney heroine eyes"--but they're bigger all over, not just the iris.

So--be on the lookout for some big-eyed girls near you. Now you know their secret.



Suzanne said...

I hate that nobody looks natural anymore. Big eyes. Fake tans. Fake parts. Ultra white teeth. Fake nails. Fake hair.
What is beauty anymore?

Nicole said...

Oh! I can see this! (Pun intended) My 16 year old daughter tells me how many people comment on her naturally big eyes.

Kay Day said...

I wonder why they would be any more dangerous than regular contacts?
I think they look cool, but apart from coloring my hair, I want things to be what they are. What's the point in someone complementing beautiful eyes if they're store-bought?
It always meant more to have my natural hair color complimented then my fake, even though it's about the same color.

dellartist said...

It sounds a little creepy to me. I do love my dogs' big brown eyes, though, and all they have to do is give me "that look" and they get anything they want. Hmmm....Maybe there is something to it?

Linda G said...

I wear contacts but I would not want to wear any that are bigger. They might be easier to find if you drop one but harder on the eyes to wear.

Mocha with Linda said...

I'm glad I'm too "old" for this trend! LOL