Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day Four--I think--of the Great Ten Day Train Trip

Photos: Ginger looking at a candy necklace, goodies at THE PEANUT SHOP (click if you want to drool over the details), restored colonial homes, chocolate covered Twinkies, me 'n Anita at Starbucks. ;-)

Dateline: Williamsburg, VA

Ginger and I slept in a bit this morning, then we headed out to the Prime Outlet Mall here in Williamsburg. We picked a good time, because all the July clearance sales are in full swing. After that, we headed out for our Starbucks, where Anita Smith joined us! Anita is from Lynchburg and was with her family, who had just pulled into Williamsburg for a family vacation. I signed some books for her and took a picture. Best of all, we have mutual friends in Lynchburg, so I was able to send my greetings back with her. :-)

After our Starbucks stop, Ginger and I headed back to Colonial Williamsburg, and this time I had my camera in tow. Oh my goodness. I had been advised to stop into THE PEANUT SHOP, where they not only have free samples, they offer about every kind of nut confection you can imagine. Ever had chocolate covered sunflower seeds? They're amazing!

After that wonderful shop, we visited the Wythe Candy shop, where they had chocolate covered TWINKIES and Ginger discovered those candy necklaces we used to eat and wear as kids. They had an amazing selection of fudge and old-fashioned candies from yesteryear.

We walked the mile through colonial Williamsburg, then walked back, sweltering in the heat. To end our day, we caught the trolley to the stop just about a mile short of our hotel, then covered the last distance. Whew! We're hot and tired, but eager to move onto the next stop on our grand vacation. Before I close my eyes tonight, I have to jot down a few notes so my story characters will have some things to do when they stop in Williamsburg.

THANK YOU, ANITA, for taking the time to stop and visit with us. We were so pleased to share a few minutes with you!

We will spend almost all day on the train tomorrow (heading to Charleston), so I'll try to take some train pictures, for those of you who haven't been inaugurated. :-) Until then . . . be well!



Kay Day said...

I wonder if a chocolate covered Twinkie tastes like a Chocodile.

Mocha with Linda said...

Did you eat at one of the taverns in Colonial Williamsburg? We had such fun there; I can't believe it was over 20 years ago.

I'm enjoying this virtual train tour through the South!

Suzanne said...

One of my best friends is moving to Williamsburg next month. Looking forward to visiting her there (not happy that she's leaving me though!)

Hannah Alexander said...

I'm having a great time reading about your trip, Angie. Keep the comments coming. I've only taken a train twice in my life, both times north or south in California. Plenty of bus trips--which I will no longer do unless absolutely forced.